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    Review 1 of 8: Living at the Monaco
    I have lived at the Monaco for over 2 years. The location is great and very convenient on the Katy Trail! The staff has been great since I have been here. Lawrence and James are AWESOME!!! If you ever need anything, they will be sure that you are happy and everything is in good order. I have felt safe here, parking is really easy (underground), and if you ever need maintenance they are very nice and responsive. Overall, I have had a great experience at the Monaco and would recommend this complex!
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    Review 2 of 8: Resident 1.5 years
    As I have lived in 3 different complexes in Uptown over the past 8 years, Monaco on the Trail has been a refreshing change. I would highly recommend this property to anyone. The staff has been genuinely personable and helpful from the beginning, especially Letitia. The property is much more peaceful and quite than other properties where I have been. However, there is a more active fun scene literally just around the corner on McKinney Ave if I am ever craving that type of atmosphere. The property is always clean, it's amenities are updated, and it is right off the Katy Trail, easy location for a little exercise or walking to the many hot social spots in the area. This is one of the few more ideal locations to live in Uptown in my opinion.
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    Review 3 of 8: Love it!
    Love the property and the leasing agents are the best! Super helpful and sweet! Love Letitia!
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    Review 4 of 8: GREAT staff!
    I looked at 37 apartments before I chose Monaco, and the selling point for me was the staff. I've come to realize how important (and rare) it is to have a great staff -- it's just as important to me as the size of the apartment or even finding the perfect location. Letitia was incredibly helpful to me, going above and beyond to answer all of my questions, to make me feel welcomed, and to encourage me to choose Monaco. She genuinely cares about each person who enters her office, and she always greets me with enthusiasm. Letitia also took the time to introduce me to the other members of the staff and other tenants we passed when she was giving me the tour of the building. Thanks to her, I already know a few of my neighbors! This is HUGE for me, as one of my primary concerns was that I might have a hard time meeting friends in my new city. If it weren't for Letitia and Vianca, it's likely I would've signed a lease elsewhere. Thanks for hiring a fantastic team! I'm grateful! :)
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    Review 5 of 8: Bravo Monaco!
    I have lived at Monaco on the Trail for the last three years and absolutely love it! I have gone from a studio, to a one bedroom, and soon will be moving to a two bedroom later this month. Living at the Monaco and having immediate access to the Katy Trail is wonderfully convenient, and the walkability factor to anything in Uptown is awesome! The resident events are fun, the maintenance crew is quick and efficient, and my extended ZRS family over the years; Olivia, Greg, Laura, Jennifer, and now my "sisters" Nicole and Leticia, are why I continue to call Monaco On the Trail my home. Bravo!
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    Review 6 of 8: Living at the Monaco
    Everything about the Monaco is great. From nicest staff, amazing apartments/amenities, to the location. Overall the Monaco is a fantastic place to live.
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    Review 7 of 8: Supportive Team and Great Property
    You often hear the adage that management makes a difference and, in this case, that couldn't ring more true. The team at Monaco on the Katy Trail are simply fantastic! They're responsive and go above and beyond their role. I was relocating to Dallas and looking for an apartment in the Uptown area and, while most leasing agents were nice, no one was as helpful as Laura and Greg. They were able to take me on several tours, which included units being "turned" (not just the model) to get a true feel for the residence, and even sent me a couple of pictures when I had questions about the potential view. They also don't use the same "rent calculation computers" the rest of the industry do, which meant no games and open conversations about rent. I was also struck by the fact that most residence seemed to know each other, smiled in the halls, and greeted each other by name - definitely a friendly, boutique apartment feel (and not just words from the sales team!) Though I was ultimately unable to make the move down (and hence, have not commented as a resident), I still wanted to share this feedback - I'm sad I won't be calling this spot home, especially given the level of service and support they provided!
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    Review 8 of 8: Great place to live!
    I recently moved into the Monaco on the Trail and I could not be happier with my decision to live here. To start out, the accommodations are wonderful. It is so nice to have a beautiful pool looking over the Katy Trial. Also, the workout room is top of the line. It makes working out not as much of a chore. Secondly, the staff is so friendly. They actually remember everyone's names and are always there to help you with any problem you may have. Third, the rooms are amazing. It is the perfect space. I especially love the kitchen and the bathrooms. I would highly recommend living here!