GREAT staff!

- Tara-Leigh Cobble
I looked at 37 apartments before I chose Monaco, and the selling point for me was the staff. I've come to realize how important (and rare) it is to have a great staff -- it's just as important to me as the size of the apartment or even finding the perfect location.

Letitia was incredibly helpful to me, going above and beyond to answer all of my questions, to make me feel welcomed, and to encourage me to choose Monaco. She genuinely cares about each person who enters her office, and she always greets me with enthusiasm.

Letitia also took the time to introduce me to the other members of the staff and other tenants we passed when she was giving me the tour of the building. Thanks to her, I already know a few of my neighbors! This is HUGE for me, as one of my primary concerns was that I might have a hard time meeting friends in my new city.

If it weren't for Letitia and Vianca, it's likely I would've signed a lease elsewhere. Thanks for hiring a fantastic team! I'm grateful! :)